How to Make Mehendi Dark and Long Lasting


  1. Wash your hands and feet (if applying on feet also) with soap so that there is no dirt or oil on them. This is required so that mehendi is absorbed better. Better absorbed Mehendi will automatically give a dark color.
  2. Collect all the things required while applying mehendi such as old cloth so that you don’t have to break the design flow in between. Breaking the design flow might give you uneven shades.
  3. Choose a place which has more light while applying mehendi. Proper light gives a better idea of design, making it more beautiful.
  4. Don’t sit in sun while applying mehendi and also don’t move your hands to dry it as mehendi might get smudged. We try to dry the mehendi ASAP but let it take its own course of time and the output will be best.
  5. Do not do waxing, pedicure or manicure after applying mehendi as this may take off the upper layer of skin making your mehendi look dull. It’s better to do these things 3 to 4 days before the occasion.

For Best Results:

  1. Apply mehendi 1 or 2 days before the occasion. Its give the darkest shade after this duration so on your occasion your hands will look nice.
  2. It’s better to keep mehendi for long duration (maximum 12 hours). Best idea is to sleep with it and take it off in morning. It’s proven if you keep it for long you are prone to get better color.
  3. Warm some cloves in a pan and place your hand over it to get the smoke on your hand for the dark color. Remove your hand when it starts hurting.
  4. After mehendi dries a bit apply a mixture of lemon and sugar over it (powered sugar may also be used).
  5. When mehendi is fully dried out remove it completely and apply Vicks or pickle oil on it.
  6. Do not wash you hand after removing mehendi for at least 12 hours. Washing hands might lighten the mehendi color and you will end up having a light shade mehendi.
  7. Use the sugar and lemon mixture in required amount. Overdoing it might spoil your design.

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